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Youth Tobacco Use Prevention: NC STEP Educational Materials and Services

All the materials below are available to North Carolina-based advocates and programs at no cost. The NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund provided the funds for the development and printing of most of these resources. Additional material was provided by the National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP). Please order what you can use effectively. The best way to order materials is by contacting NC STEP through email.

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“Innocent Addiction" (Now on DVD)

  • Running time:  10:00 min
  • Description: A story about a courageous young man named Gruen Von Behrens, who was diagnosed with oral cancer at age 17.  Now, Gruen talks about what he and his family have gone through because of what he once considered a harmless habit. 

"Tragic Choice: The Bob Leslie Story" (Now on DVD)

  • Running time: 10:12 min
  • Description: Joe Garagiola narrates this powerful story of a young man whose life was ended abruptly because of his choice to use spit tobacco. This video includes moving interviews with Bob, his wife, and members of his high school baseball team.

“Glory Days…Gory Days " (Now on DVD)

  • Running time: 8:50 min
  • Description: The poignant story of former Major Leaguer Bill Tuttle, his wife Gloria, and their struggle with oral cancer caused by Bill's use of spit tobacco throughout his career.

Note: All three videos plus a bonus TV ad are also available together on one DVD.

Brochures (Pamphlets)

All of the following brochures can be ordered from NC STEP.

Gruen Von Behrens Photo Card

A 5 X 7 photo card that features oral cancer survivor, Gruen Von Behrens with his story and spit tobacco facts on the reverse side. 

"What's Really In Spit Tobacco?"

A pamphlet that provides information on spit tobacco, addiction, and oral cancer with quotes from Major League players and others who have struggled with spit tobacco use.


A pamphlet developed in North Carolina by Union County Schools with technical assistance from NC STEP. The pamphlet features questions and answers about spit tobacco in a friendly format and is designed for our youth.  It also shows some of the oral manifestations that can be caused by spit tobacco use.


 "Bill Tuttle: Glory Days… Gory Days"

Before and after pictures that show what happened to Bill Tuttle after 38 years of spit tobacco use. (18" X 24") 

Bill Tuttle Poster Thumbnail

“Michelle Smith: It's Really Gross”

The U.S. Gold Medal pitcher for the U.S. Olympic softball team makes her statement against the use of spit tobacco.


“Save Your Face”

In the style of the Weekly Reader this multiple page document uses a Major League Baseball player and cancer victims to tell the story about the problems associated with spit tobacco use.

Save Your Face

Lesson Module

“NC STEP School Lesson Module”

The module has been updated. It includes an instructor’s guide, educational materials, CD ROM (PowerPoint) and four videos on one DVD. It was designed by a team of school and public health professionals to make it easy for teachers, health educators, dentists, dental hygienists, youth leaders, etc. to use to educate youth. It meets the NC Standard School Objectives and can be used for the fifth through twelfth grades.

Spit Tobacco Cessation and Treatment Guide

“NC STEP/Mission Hospitals School Spit Tobacco Cessation and Treatment Guide”

The guide comes in two parts. The first section (cessation guide) is to acquaint teachers, counselors, and public health professionals about the unique addictive qualities of spit tobacco and how spit tobacco addiction differs from smoking products. It also prepares one on how to prepare young people to quit. It also helps equip individuals working with our youth to know when they need to refer students/faculty to medical and dental professionals.

The second section (treatment guide) is designed to acquaint medical and dental professionals with the various treatment modalities available for spit tobacco. The treatment guide is designed to assist professionals in developing a treatment regiment for their patients. Three sets of the treatment guide are in each kit.

Training and Presentations


NC STEP Training is appropriate for: Dental and Medical Health Care Providers, Youth Leaders, Public Health Professionals, Adult Leaders of Youth Groups, and School Personnel (school nurses, counselors, Coaches, PE Instructors, Health Educators and Teachers).


NC STEP Presentations are appropriate for: Schools, Youth Gatherings, Faith Communities, Community Venues and Sports Venues.

Speakers’ Bureau

NC STEP maintains a Speaker’s Bureau of trained speakers from all over North Carolina who can help educate your group about spit tobacco.